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Hydraulic steel structures - Part 1: Criteria for design and calculation

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Planned document number
DIN 19704-1

This standard is to be used for the calculation and construction of hydraulic steel structures consisting of steel constructions, mechanical engineering components and the electric equipment. These structures cover movable sealing devices ("locks") including sealings and mountings, the drives and the connecting components between the lock body and the driving devices. This standard is applicable to hydraulic steel structures which are to be built from scratch. If this standard is intended to be applied for purposes of reconstruction, repair or addition of components to existing older steel structures, it shall be distinguished by declaration to which components this standard applies. This standard also applies to inspection covers and components such as intake rakes, bollards, fenders and channel bridges. It may be applied analogously to penstocks including valves and controls. This standard is not applicable to dolphins, training works, shore enclosures, landing piers and offshore structures (e.g. offshore platforms, jack-up platforms). For small and less loaded structures, were the product of multiplying water pressure (in kN/m2) and dam area (in m2) under water weight is less than 50 (in kN), the user may deviate from the requirements of this standard provided there is no objection by the building owner. Requirements for hydraulic steel engineering according to this standard include steel constructions which are under strain of stagnant or flowing waters. They cover movable sealing devices and parts securely connected with the massive type of construction, such as track supports and bearing area. Steel structures build in conjunction with hydraulic steel structures, but which are not exposed to water pressure are to be designed and calculated according to the applicable construction regulations. Requirements for mechanical engineering according to this standard are applicable to machine structures responsible for the movement and the bearings of lock devices, e.g. collar bearing, thrust bearing. They cover also the mechanical and oil-hydraulic drives, manual and auxiliary drives, machine covers and frames, pressure covers of sliding lock panel shafts, track and guide roller including their tracks, block shear connectors, spherical bearings and latching devices for the lock as well as - to connect the lock device body to the drive mechanism - chains, cables, lantern pinions, chains for lantern pinions, gear rods and connecting rods. Hinge bolts to connect machine components to steel structures as well as pivot spindles including the corresponding bore holes are machine parts according to this standard.

Responsible Committee
NA 119-02-04 AA Hydraulic steel constructions

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DIN 19704-1: 1998-05


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